jeudi 23 avril 2015

Putting a PHP script into a HTML web page

so yeah probably a really basic straight forward problem i'm stuck on.

i have been doing PHP for about 2 months now and in that time i have created a script where in the terminal a 'User' can log in and play around with a fake, hard coded ATM and other such small features. This is a small personal project for myself. i do not have any databases for the users i just hard coded some details.

so anyways its all working fine and what i have now done is set up MAMP and what i want to do is create this on a web page, i'm guessing that for a user input i will have to link it to a html text input box? i'm not sure, i may be way off, i was think along the lines of 'include' but that just showed all the echo statements on my file and not any of the actual functionality.

as i said i'm new to most things and i'm trying to learn a lot so i apologise for not knowing the very basic stuff but any help or pointers would be appreciated.

Thanks Calvin :)

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