jeudi 23 avril 2015

How to compare two dates in C++

I need to compare two dates. The current date with the user input one in the format dd/mm/yyyy.

So if expiry_date > current_date

display.... I have tried difftime() but that didnt work well since it uses a time parameter

time_t now;
  struct tm newyear;
  double seconds;

  time(&now);  /* get current time; same as: now = time(NULL)  */

  newyear = *localtime(&now);

  newyear.tm_hour = 0; newyear.tm_min = 0; newyear.tm_sec = 0;
  newyear.tm_mon = 0;  newyear.tm_mday = 1;

  seconds = difftime(now,mktime(&newyear));

  printf ("%.f seconds diff", seconds);

heres a sample code i found

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